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Welcome to Infinitely Clint Foundation
Everyone lucky enough to know Clint loves him. He is easy to adore…completely unaware and unconcerned with his magnificent beauty, effortless kindness, acceptance of every person who crossed his path, carelessly charming approach and nonchalantly mischievous demeanor.  

Clint’s parents would say he loves history, Pepsi, canned ravioli and teasing his mom by talking like a mobster. Clint’s grandparents know how much Clint adores and named every single barn kitten ever born on his farm. They would also say he was always the first to offer a helping hand. Clint’s sister would rave about his scrambled eggs…the best she’s ever eaten. Clint’s brother would brag that Clint is an unrelenting paintball warrior. Clint’s aunts and uncles would say how much he loves the family cabin, the first cannonball off the dock and building elaborate Army camps in the sand on the beach. Every single person who knows Clint could attest to his spontaneous goodness. He was most satisfied when helping others through his generosity, understanding and compassion. Clint always extended himself to others in kindness.  

Clint McCoss was just a few weeks shy of celebrating his 16th birthday when he was tragically lost to his family, friends and community in a firearms accident. As profound as navigating the aftermath of Clint’s loss has been for his loved ones, what has been immeasurably healing is learning what a secret blessing Clinton was and continues to be to so many of his schoolmates, teammates, family, friends and community members. It would be entirely fair to say that we have learned as much about Clint since he was called to Heaven as he ever revealed about himself while traipsing around in one of his witty t-shirts, wrinkled jeans and untied shoes.

It is unclear if Clint realized how impactful his private habit of reaching out to lift up others was. But it has become the joyful task of those closest to him to lovingly preserve the legacy of Clint’s genuine concern for and rare generosity toward others. Already, sharing and hearing about the innumerable ways in which Clint’s interactions with others have enriched scores of people’s lives have inspired those who knew him best and those who barely knew him at all. It is this unquestioning responsiveness to and celebration of Clint’s spirit that sustain his family and friends in his absence.
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