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"I live life to the fullest so when it's my time to go, it'll be a great day!"
July, 2006
We believe that humanity begins in children and their realization of how valuable their actions, words or even a smile can be toward individual growth and to the everyday well-being of the people surrounding them.  

Occasionally we meet someone harboring the spirit of genuine, fundamental goodness. These individuals can be difficult to recognize because their gifts of kindness are often given through their own, private acts rather than through established, public channels.  

In memory and honor of Clint, the scholarship committee endeavors to carry out the positive impact he made on so many people around him by awarding a recipient or recipients who embody the same giving spirit.

The Clint McCoss Kindness Scholarship is not based on perfect behavior, class attendance, exemplary academic performance or financial need. One’s acts of kindness serve as the indicator of an individual’s qualifications for this scholarship. The recipients were chosen for his or her humanitarian efforts. Thus, it is one’s generosity, understanding, compassion, kindness, and guiding hand—that exhibits one’s willingness to love, and one’s unique and rare qualifications for this award.