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The measure of one’s love for humanity does not manifest itself through words or feelings but rather in behavior. Thus, it is in one’s demonstrated generosity, understanding, compassion and kindness that his or her willingness to love his fellow kind is evidenced. We believe that humanity begins in children and their realization of how valuable their actions, words or even a smile can be toward individual growth and to the everyday well-being of the people surrounding them.  

Occasionally we meet someone harboring the spirit of genuine, fundamental goodness. These individuals can be difficult to recognize because their gifts of kindness are often given through their own, private acts rather than through established, public channels. Such a person loves and honors almost everyone, not to please him or herself or others, but simply because it enriches the world’s goodness. We are seeking someone who makes the act of giving an exciting quest and a fun-filled adventure.

Clinton McCoss was such a rare individual. To Clint, helping others was automatic; it was fun. It was the reason he was born. Everyone Clint encountered became a recipient of his simple goodness. The examples of Clint’s genuine concern for and generosity toward others are virtually endless, as demonstrated in the dozens of stories shared with his family during and after Clinton’s memorial services. In memory and honor of Clint, the scholarship committee endeavors to carry out the positive impact he made on so many people around him by awarding a recipient who embodies the same giving spirit as Clinton.

The Clint McCoss Kindness Scholarship is not based on perfect class attendance, exemplary academic performance or financial need. One’s acts of kindness serve as the indicator of an individual’s qualifications for this scholarship. The recipient will be chosen for his or her humanitarian efforts. Thus, it is one’s behavior—the generosity, understanding, compassion, kindness, and guiding hand—that exhibits one’s willingness to love, and one’s unique and rare 
qualifications for this award.

This scholarship is void of any considerations regarding sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other similar, inconsequential attributes. This recipient, harboring a heart of simple and profound goodness, is destined to enrich scores of peoples’ lives.  

The Clint McCoss Kindness Scholarship was created to recognize seniors who are doing good work and deeds for others. Because we value purposeful efforts to extend kindness toward others and because Clint was very generous in all of his interactions with others, we will look for these qualities as we review applications and select deserving recipients. There are no specific requirements related to emphasis for college study, grade point average, class rank or financial need. Our selection will be focused on evidence of your kindness to others in your daily life.

The scholarship(s) is awarded once a year in the spring. If you are currently a senior and are graduating in the spring, you are eligible to apply for or be nominated for the scholarship. The application process is outlined briefly in the following paragraph. Questions about the scholarship (purpose or process) should be directed to the following email:

Fill out the application provided for you below. This application includes a few brief questions and a letter/narrative that addresses your intentional acts of kindness and your service to others. The letter needs to provide sufficient background and detail to allow committee members to have a full sense of your contributions. There will not be interviews, so it is critical to communicate your intentional acts of kindness through the application. Self-nominations and nominations by others are invited. Nominations will be blind reviewed by the scholarship committee. No voting member of the committee will know the names of the nominees or nominators until AFTER the recipients have been determined.

Please fully complete the information on the form regarding your nominee for the award by 
May 6th, 2016 by 5:00 P.M.

This nomination is very important to the selection committee and a detailed response is sincerely appreciated.

The scholarship recipient(s) will be notified by May 20, 2016.  
Clint McCoss Kindness Scholarship
Given in honor and remembrance of Clinton Robert-Douglas McCoss

Lee & Brenda Ohlson, Cori Ann Dahlager, Paul Hoernemann, Chris Kleven,  Tammy McCosh
Anton Leiseth, Kevin Weber
Hollis Weber, Todd Weber, Kyle Weber, Bobbie Alcorn
Megan Weber, Garrett McCoss, Briana Yerigan
Tim Yerigan* and Tanya McCoss-Yerigan*

Members marked with an * symbol do not vote.
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​~Effective Spring 2017~
As we move forward with mission-based work, 
we are suspending the kindness scholarship until further notice.